Naked Turtle Sunscreen

Made for People. Turtle Approved!

The Naked Turtle Story

If you’re looking for the best in all natural sun care, then look no further than Naked Turtle! Formulated by prominent Central Florida dermatologist, Dr. Michael Gutierrez, our sun care products are the healthiest around for your skin!  As an experienced dermatologist, Dr. Gutierrez says that avoiding toxic ingredients is just as important as seeking out those skin healthy ingredients.

Naked Turtle products are free of parabens, free of carcinogens, free of man made chemicals, free of phthalates, free of drying alcohols, free of propylene glycol, free of EDTA & DMDM, free of synthetic colors, and free of chemical scents.  Naked Turtle products are Aloe based formulas as opposed to the common petroleum or water based formulas.  This means that Aloe is the first ingredient in every bottle and provides the most in hydration for your skin! Hypoallergenic, All natural, biodegradable, and never tested on animals.

Naked Turtle SPF 30 uses minerals titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which work together to reflect the sun's rays off your skin rather than absorbing the damage into your skin, as toxic chemical sunscreens do. The broad spectrum UVA/UVB coverage that Naked Turtle SPF 30 provides is approximately 97% effective at blocking the sun's rays with proper and consistent application.  Make Naked Turtle SPF 30 your daily facial moisturizer or your beach bag bottle of choice!  

Check out Naked Turtle's Moisturizing Aloe Lotion for the same great antioxidant rich, skin invigorating formula without the SPF. Great for daily use on your body!  Excellent products lead to excellent skin!  With all the benefits of our all natural sunscreen you'll prefer to go Naked too!