Naked Turtle Sunscreen

Made for People. Turtle Approved!

The Dermatologist Behind Naked Turtle

Dr. Gutierrez started his medical credentials at the University of New Orleans where he received his Bachelors of Science degree in Biology. He continued his education at Louisiana State University where he completed his medical degree, shortly followed by his residency at Charity Hospital in New Orleans. Becoming American Academy of Dermatology Board Certified in Dermatology and Dermatological Surgery in 1987, Dr. Gutierrez has been recognized many times throughout his career. He has served as Chief of Dermatology at Florida Hospital for three years starting in 2000, was voted Top Doctor by his peers in 2011, and Top Practice in Central Florida 2014.

The consistent high quality dermatological care provided by Dr. Gutierrez and his team has resonated with patients for over 25 years, spurring growth of his Mid Florida Dermatology practice to 19 Central Florida locations. With Board Certified Dermatologists, sixteen Physicians, five Nurse Practitioners, and six Physician Assistants on staff, Dr. Gutierrez prides himself on keeping a well-educated and up to date team.

Dr. Gutierrez decided to develop Naked Turtle after his patients were consistently asking him for sunscreen recommendations and he couldn't confidently recommend a safe and healthy brand.  Dr. G, as he's affectionately referred to, was never comfortable with the mainstream chemical & toxin laden formulas available today.  He sought out an all natural manufacturer with his special formula in mind: rejuvenating antioxidants, hydrating aloe, soothing rose hips & coconut without chemicals or toxins included that would override the benefits of the good ingredients.  He ended up creating a truly luxury product at a fun loving price!